Kitchen gardens

We have kitchen gardens that create beautiful, green spots in the area. All tenants have the opportunity to get their own small kitchen garden. Here you can place and grow flowers, vegetables and herbs as you like.

Car sharing

There’s an Aura car sharing facilitator right outside the door. It’s an electric car that allows you to choose a flexible and climate-friendly transport solution. The car is charged at the charging station in the parking lot, and AURA stands for all the practicalities such as insurance, repairs, roadside assistance and cleaning.

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Optical fiber broadband

Aura provides you with high speed internet, possibly combined with a TV package. It’s possible to order internet speed up to 1000/1000 Mbit/s.

To order and for further information,
contact Aura here

Cleaning of the stairs

We want the area to be clean and neat. Both inside and outside. Therefore, we take care of cleaning the stair ways and the common areas free of charge.

Track your consumptions

As a tenant in Hejredalsparken, you get the opportunity to follow your heat and water consumption through Wise Home. You are automatically registered as a user, and will receive a link to the activation per. E-mail.

Get started
Activate your user through the link you receive by E-mail.
– Log in to app.wisehome.dk from your mobile or laptop
– Now you can track your consumptions

Green areas and care space for bikes

At Hejredalsparken we strive to make the common green areas the residents’ garden. There is a large lawn which can be used for ballgames, sun bathing, picnic etc., provided that you have the other residents of the property in mind.

If you need to wash or repair your bike, we have arranged a small care space for it. There is a compressor and a mounting for the bike, the rest you have to bring yourself.


We have a shared laundry with modern laundry facilities in the basement of each building. To wash or dry your clothes you’ll need a laundry chip. The payment is automatically added to your rent and it’s possible to make online bookings.

Get the app E-vaskeri, or Book here


We offer free parking spaces right outside the property. We’ve parking control to ensure that it’s the residents who will benefit from the parking spaces.

Basement rental

If you need extra space for storage or similar, it is possible to rent a storage room in the basement.

For further information
– contact Niels Aage Eriksen
Tel. no.: 20 60 41 31 between 7:30am and 3:30pm.