We are generally quite happy about  the area which is scenic. Brabrand lake is right next door, which is a great opportunity for beautiful, long walks that can create a break from the bustle of the city.


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we think it’s really nice here and that it’s a great area – we really enjoy our view very much and then it’s nice that it is located a little outside the city. It’s so calm here and it’s close to the forest and nature. We have both meadow, hill, lake and forest – we actually have it all.


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We generally think we live well in terms of location. The university and the nursing school where we study are just 20-25 minutes away by bike. The same goes for Aarhus City Centre, it also takes about 20 minutes by bike and otherwise the buses run every 10 minutes.


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We like to have a little air around us, and we have that here. Our small balcony is worth gold and I wouldn’t change it for more space in the living room. There is sun at the balcony all day and we can sit out there eating while enjoying the wonderful view over the lake and maybe watch a nice sunset. 


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I feel happy and safe here and I have absolutely no problem biking home at night when I get off from work. I’d much rather ride my bike out here than into the city center.


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I thought it was a really nice apartment at a reasonable price, so I chose it and here I feel so good. I would have to win a million kroner if I should look at one of those penthouses with a beautiful view in the citycentre, he laughs.


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In the beginning especially Anni wished to live at Frederiksbjerg because she thinks it’s so great there. “But now I would rather live here.”


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