Linnea and Andreas with their 4 months’ old daughter Ella

Linnea and Andreas live in a 3-bedroom apartment (To the left) in Hejredalsparken for 9 years now.

I moved in when I started studying. However, I didn’t enter the study in Aarhus, as expected, but instead in Aalborg. However, I was so happy with the apartment and the city that for 5 years I commuted back and forth. While studying, I shared the apartment with another student. Now I live here with my husband and our daughter, Ella.

We keep living here primarily because we get a lot for the money. We like a little air around us, and we have that here. Our small balcony is worth gold and I wouldn’t change it for more space in the living room. There is sun at the balcony all day and we can sit out there eating while enjoying the wonderful view over the lake and maybe watch a nice sunset.

The location is perfect for us. It takes 7 minutes to get to the highway and it means something when you like I have to commute to Herning. Otherwise everything is within cycling distance. Currently I often walk to the city centre with the pram and take the bus home. Otherwise, I ride my bike.

Our friends from the city center are also happy to visit us, because here you can always find a place to park your car.

The shopping possibilities are really good. Both City Vest where you can get everythin, and Bazar Vest where you among other things can get super cheap vegetables. You can also go down to the local store just down the corner. Here you might get 40 varieties of curry but not necessarily a plate of chocolate. I like the diversity here.

We live safely and well here, and people are sweet and kind. If we should move it would be if we were to move into a house or to a totally different city. Right now, we enjoy the fact that we live well and cheaply, and that we have the opportunity to go travel once a year.

Linea – Psychologist

Andreas – Architect and musician