The Area

Hejredalsparken is in many ways attractive. It is close to access routes. Close to nature. Close to shopping opportunities. Close to both fitness and public swimming pool. Close to Aarhus City Centre and several educational institutions within 10-20 minutes by bus or by bicycle.

One of the special shopping opportunities that must be highlighted is the multi-ethnic and popular market hall Bazar Vest with the city’s widest selection of fresh vegetables and ethnic specialties. The local shopping centre, City Vest, is only a few minutes’ walk away. It has 65 specialty stores, a gym, 2 grocery stores and a food court, H&M, Matas and Føtex.


5,4 km

City Vest

500 meter

Aarhus Universitet

5,2 km

Bazar Vest

700 meter

Aarhus BSS

4,6 km


2 km


450 meter


Aarhus Universitets Hospital